VHF pulse collars

VHF Pulse Collar

Medium VHF pulse collar with replaceable batteries, suitable for small macropods such as wallabies.

VHF Pulse Collar


Small VHF pulse collars suitable for dasyurids.

Animal tracking has over 25 years of experience building telemetry equipment, including very high frequency (VHF) pulse collars for birds, reptiles and mammals. Depending on the species of animal, our wide range of collars can be customised with sensors for mortality, movement activity and temperature.

EcoKnowledge is able to supply additional tracking equipment as part of a custom package. We build robust direction-finding antennas (Yagis) for towers and aircraft, as well as field-based hand-held Yagis. We can also provide single sideband (SSB) radio receivers, which have a good signal-to-noise ratio and are suitable robust for the field.

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