Live GPS web tracking

Live GPS web tracking

GPS satellite web-based tracking.

The Animal Tracking website allows users to access the latest data within 30 minutes of any position fix. The fully customisable data fields allow users to map animal positions and movement, as well as output statistics in a variety of formats. All location data are stored on our server for the life of the collar, and can be downloaded as a database file at any time.

As part of Animal Tracking's commitment to providing a meaningful and high quality service, we work with clients to include additional GIS information in areas without tracks or landmarks, or areas of insufficient data.

Collar locations are shown using web mapping and navigational functions and are also available in tabular format. Movement statistics relating to the distance travelled and average speed are available at intervals of days, weeks, years or across the total timeframe that the collar has been operational.

Clients may also nominate for Easting and Northing information to be sent via SMS to a mobile or satellite phone after each position fix.

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