Data logger collars

GPS Satellite Collar

GPS satellite collar suitable for large mammals.

GPS Satellite Collar

GPS satellite collar suitable for goats, deer and dogs.

There are currently two data loggers in our range. The RX3-S is the smallest data logger, designed for mammals greater than 2.2Kg, followed by the RX3-SM, which is suitable for mammals greater than 5.7Kg. We offer a wide range of optional features to customise collars for specific applications, such as automated timed release.

We are very conscious of animal welfare, and have designed our collars to ensure minimal interference to an animal’s normal behaviour. Whilst collar components are selected with the animal’s comfort as a priority, our collars are robust, built to withstand high impact environments and are made from either epoxy encapsulated acrylic or high temperature molecular bonded polyurethane. Each collar is fitted with a counter-weight to minimise the effect of pivoting around animals’ necks, which affects its ability to transmit, and an inversion switch to protect battery life.

The GPS data logger range can store over 9,000 positions, with the option to download by the user or be returned to EcoKnowledge for download once the collar has been retrieved (default model). Our leading-edge technology includes ultra-low power consumption for collecting location data, in order to maximise battery life.

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